My favorite pastime is to curl up in my rocker with a good novel. The thought of selling books never entered my mind twenty years ago. But one summer evening, a visit from two friends changed not only my thoughts but my life when they asked, “Do you want to buy a bookstore with us?”

After a year of preparation, I left my counseling job and sold Christian books for five years. We later moved to Florida where I worked as a social worker and then as a real estate agent. But I wasn’t satisfied and felt God calling me to do something else.

My husband finally suggested I find an occupation that I could be passionate about. Clearly, real estate and I had not bonded. “Maybe I could write?” I'd written journals since I was fifteen. But I couldn’t believe those words came from my mouth. Soon, my first story was published in a mother's magazine.

Have you felt a similar call?

My blog is a place where I share the ups and downs on the road to publication. I'll be brutally honest and I promise I won't leave anything out. Hopefully, you will laugh and cry with me as we figure this writing experience together.

Right now my husband and I make our home in Florida but hopefully in the near future, we will make one more move back home to Pennsylvania where we will live in the country along the Susquehanna River. Besides writing, I also spend enormous amounts of time learning photography, You can see my creations at and at

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