Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I haven't quite figured out how one finds the time to blog and write. I have committed myself to writing 2000 words a day on this book that I wrote back in 1999. I submitted it foolishly, not having any idea how to or what I was doing; but received a very nice critique back from an editor. At the time, life got busier, we moved a year or so later and I stuffed the manuscript in a drawer. It has nagged me ever since.
I need to edit and edit it and clean it up - send it out - and know that at least I finally did with it what I should have years ago. Sadly, it isn't my type of book anymore but I know it still has value. So I hope to get at least 45,000 words done and then move on.

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Venice said...

I love your blog! And, thanks for your comment on mine today "Day By Day", July 5th).
As I wrote, you really encouraged me as I was about to cry after messing up a project in my basement bathroom.
You're a blessing & a good writer!