Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace and Everyday Miracles is due to be published at the end of the year. Lorna will be making an 8 city + tour to promote it. I love the concept - everyone has their own story to tell about how God supplied a miracle in their life and the grace to get through a difficult time.

I am currently proofreading my book - hope to finish that part before I fly to Seattle at Christmas to reunite with my daughter. I was thinking this morning how life is so short and precious and that we need to spend the time with those we love more often. I would hate if my life moments with my only child was reduced to once a year...I'm praying God will create a miracle for us that somehow we can get together more often.

I found my prayer journal from 1993. Want to be convicted? Just read how once you were on fire for the Lord and then turned into a warm Christian. I had a major wakeup call to the task ahead of each of me. In those short months - because I was willing to speak out - I saw many lives changed. Why not today? God is still in the business of hearing prayers and changing lives.

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