Friday, February 16, 2007

From Strangers to Sisterhood

My story From Strangers to Sisterhood is now available on the Women of Passions site to read. It is the true story of how many friends I have come to know from an internet site for stay - at -home mothers came together when one of our friends was dying. I hope you enjoy it!

I was excited to meet up again this past Saturday with a woman I met at a writer's conference last summer. We met in St.Cloud - sat over dinner for almost three hours. Her husband is a writer as well so we had a lot to talk about. My husband is slowly accepting the new role he has to play - meeting with other writers with me - and going to a conference this next summer.

I had a dry spell last week where my heart was just not into writing as we had some special news in our family. Suffice to say - in one day - lives can be changed - by good or bad news. That being said- I am overthrowing my fears of cruising and setting up a trial run in April. We need to love where we live and do our best to enhance our lives ... I am guilty of not always doing that and so I plan to start now!

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