Monday, October 29, 2007

In love

I'm in love with the city of Charleston. We spent Saturday riding the trolley cars to get a feel for the layout of the area. For $4.00 a person, we could get on and off the air conditioned bus as many times as we wanted and use any other bus in the system.

First we went to Market street and viewed the expanse of shopping areas. Lunch took place in an old church turned into a restaurant complete with stained glass windows. After filling our stomachs - we explored more streets from history and returned to the Visitor's Center to retrieve our car.

Not a bad kickoff for writing too already although today we moved for the 4Th time in one week. Faulty electrical outlets this time...I hope I'm home now in this studio for the duration.

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Ann said...

Hi Terri-I love your blog. It sounds like Charleston is great. What an amazing adventure! Have fun exploring.