Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chances of the Heart

On Valentine's Day, I received news from Sunpenny Publishers that they want to publish my inspirational romance book. Candies, flowers . . . a trip to Paris--nothing beats having your first book accepted for publishing. To say that I wasn't in shock would of course be an understatement. I still need to pinch myself.

The roots for this book began well over ten years ago when I decided I needed to write a story. When I finished it, I handed one copy to my best friend,(cringed)and then threw my copy into my desk drawer. I'd accomplished my goal. Done.

But years and years later, I eventually pulled it back out of its cubbyhole and decided it needed some revamping and work since by this time I realized with horror the terrible writing mistakes I'd made. Last year I worked on it and finally sent it off.

Chances of the Heart takes place in Tunkhannock,PA --a place still very dear to my heart and a place filled with wonderful memories and friends. Many of you who will(hopefully) read it will recognize some of my favorite spots and hopefully will enjoy my character's search for love and ministry.

As publication draws closer, I'll be sure to post more details. Please enjoy this exciting journey with me!

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