Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chances of the Heart Cover

I saw the cover of my new book this week. With very few tweaks, the romantic street--complete with the rolling hills of Tunkhannock--created the look I'd hoped for. Makes me think about a cover for my next book--whenever that will happen. I realize even more now the importance of a cover plays in the making of a book. A cover is what the reader first sees--before they turn it to the back and read that important blurb. Then come the first few paragraphs and maybe a riffle through the middle. Hmmm . . . will my cover make someone take the next step? Will it draw them to flip the book over or open to the first chapter?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, Funny you should mention the cover... I had an author in the bookstore the other day and we were discussing that very thing! The cover is SO important to grab a reader's attention. Then we added that the back of the book was where people looked next, THEN they open the book and glance inside. Keep up the great work! Patti