Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Ready for a Great Week!

It's a new week. That means anything is possible. Anything can happen. That even means I could finish my last 15,00o words on my book. Or I could receive an email announcing one of my submissions was accepted. Or I could walk to my mailbox and find a letter confirming a story in an anthology. Anything can happen--any day. But not only to me--but to you. Are you ready?

I've tried for a week to find cheap tickets to the Montrose Conference. Nothing so far. I really wanted to attend but am thinking it might not be in the plan for this year. With fuel prices skyrocketing---things change. So I'm looking at a writers conference that takes place in Orlando in July to attend instead. I am hoping I might meet some fellow Central Florida writers who are interested as well in a writers group. I have some interest so far from a few local writers but I hope to put an ad in the paper to attract more. Our first meeting is June 30th and I know with summer plans, it could kick off to a slow start but I really feel Clermont needs a Christian Writers group.

Hoping this is a week of good results, good changes and some exciting happenings! Please share with me how God surprised you this week!

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