Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scariest Moment

I was tagged by Mike Delosso to write my scariest story for a meme.

For six years, I was stalked by a former coworker. Don ( not his real name) decided he loved me. He sent cards, letters, called me, followed me to my babysitters and around town,buzzed his airplane over us while we built our new home, and tried to build a home next to us. He controlled my life. All this happened before stalking was deemed a federal crime. The most the judicial system could do for me was slap him with some fines.

One day, he attacked my husband. Fortunately, my husband proved to be in better shape than Don and restrained him. Now we had more reason to go to court--again. As we sat in the magistrate's office with our lawyer and Don appeared without counsel--the magistrate read the verdict. Guilty. I reached for my husband's hand as my in-laws waited behind us. In one fluid motion, Don reached beneath the large heavy table and flipped it onto the floor. He stormed out of the courtroom as the rest of us at frozen. I feared he'd return with a gun and we were stuck in a small country building alone. The bailiff herded us to a back room while the judge hurried to her chambers.

I never realized how one person's actions can cause so much fear. Our battle didn't end that day. It continued through more court hearings and more stalking until finally my attacker landed in jail. To this day, when I visit my hometown and drive past his home, if he happens to be outside, his eyes still follow me. Stalking never ends.

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