Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Blessings

I worry about upcoming events in my life like my grandson worries when he catches sight of a ready-made bottle. I can imagine him worrying if he'll get it before he reaches that ultimate screamin pitch (know the one-- a little ear piercing), or if it will be warm enough or if it will fill the hunger that is gnawing in his little stomach.

That's kind of I have been doing since Friday when I knew a reporter was coming to our writers' group today.

Will anyone show up or will I look like a complete idiot? Will I know what to say if she asks me a question? Will I stumble all over my words like I usually do when in a group?

The list went on.

But before I loosed my ultimate scream from stress, I prayed. I asked God to send people who wanted to write for the Lord. I asked him to bless the reporter who came and that she would be nice and understand what we strove to do. I asked for a peace in my heart as I arrived in the library parking lot.

Guess what? God heard.

Six devoted writers joined hearts and minds again to day to lift each other up in prayer and encouragement.

Roxanne, the local reporter, was a sweatheart. She listend to our goals, our fears and our thoughts that success is not a number but a process and in God's hands.

So the next time I am worrying about what faces me--I hope I'll look back on today and breathe a little easier. If God's in it--let it go and Let Him.

Please check out my Clermont Christian Writers blog for more detail about our group and goals. I'll be posting later today.


Joanne said...

Was that a big sigh of relief we heard out of Florida today :) Isn't it nice when worries turn into blessings!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

That is great! I'm going to go check out the other site now. I lived in Hillsborough county- have lots of family there and in Polk county.

Leaders In Learning said...
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Leaders In Learning said...

Terri, I realized when Donna was praying and thanking God for the six people who arrived, that we are six in the eyes of man. The perfect number of mankind but with God, we are seven, the numer of complete perfection. Not that we are perfect but that His perfect Will can be accomplished through us. What a perfect number for a beginning! Blessings to you!


Leaders In Learning said...

Two typos in a row prove that I am not perfect! LOL

Janna Qualman said...

I can commiserate, both with the worrying and with stumbling over words when faced with a group of people. I just can't stop over-analyzing things, and get so self-conscious, respectively.

But what a blessing! And what a testimony to the fact that all we have to do is give our burden up to Him.

Joanne said...

Hi Terri, That was so nice of you to want to link my blog on yours. That'd be great, and I'll add you to mine too. Take care.