Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's official. Two stories of mine made it in the Chicken Soup for the soul: Empty Nesters that comes out at the beginning of October! I'll be posting more information as we get closer to the release date. The stories in this book mean more to me than others as I recently became an empty nester.

Two years later, I'm still dealing with it. (That's recent enough for me!)

Yes, it's much easier now but life changes drastically when your children leave home--and move across the country. My role changed. For years, I'd been the mom--juggling three lives, and one day my only child walks down the aisle and into the arms of someone else.

I know it's normal. I know it is God's plan. I know I have a great son-in-law. But it still leaves a hole in our home to fill.

That's when I am thankful I write. Journals, stories, books. I take these life experiences and pour them onto paper hoping somehow what I've gone through will make a difference in another life.

I miss my daughter. I miss waiting up for her at night and feeling my relief as she her creeps into my bedroom to kiss me goodnight. I miss trying on crazy outfits with her at our favorite outlet store. I miss sitting side-by-side at the nail salon as we get our toes manicured.

I miss the closeness.

But God had other plans.

We rush to see in a chick-flick at her mall; we hurry into Kohl's and peruse the sale racks; we decorate her home for her child's first birthday party. And then we hug goodbye. After a three day hiatus, I got to be a mom again--with a twist. We wipe back tears and try not to break down as our husbands steer us toward the car and door.

So I'm home again and what do I do? I write about my time with family. And then I submit. Finally, today, I receive word that one of those magical moments will be in a book form so that hopefully others will relate and I will have made a difference.


Joanne said...

Wonderful news! You must be so happy ... I feel like you do about writing. I'm thankful for it, it does fill an important part of my life. And thank you for the info on Chicken Soup turnaround time. I've got a ways to wait still. Keep us posted on your pending publication. (P.S. I heard Fay fizzled? More a tropical storm, thankfully!)

MichaƩle said...

Congrats! My firstborn, my son, will be a senior in high school this year so the whole "going away to college" thing is on my heart.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I will definitely be back here to read yours!

Janna Qualman said...

Not to repeat myself, but that's fantastic!

Seeing your notes of success, not just in publication, but in writing PERIOD - and for Him - reiterate how important it is to me. Thank you.