Friday, September 19, 2008

The Writer's Week in Review

For many full-time writers, Friday signifies the end of the workweek. Our family takes up the weekend days, and although we might be able to sneak in a few revisions or start a few lines for a new story--usually our full focus comes back on Monday.

But each Friday--as you've probably noticed--I like to evaluate what I've accomplished for the past week--a throw-back from my days as a counselor where I made daily and weekly goals with my clients.

GOAL #1 I finished reading and editing my hard copy of my manuscript. Whew. Now today I plan to put it together in a better looking package.

GOAL #2 I had planned to transcribe more writer interviews and didn't get it done due to wanting to finish goal one. Will do one today.

How about you? Can you check off some concrete goals that moved you forward in your writing this week? Were they too big and maybe need to be broken down into manageable chunks? Are they doable with what you have to work with? Do you have the necessary means, information or time to achieve them?

Think about next week and what changes you may have to make as a writer to accomplish the next step in your pursuit to getting published for the first time or the next time.

Tomorrow I will be posting a blog about blogging and what I've discovered over the past few months. I've encouraged many writer friends to start one and I wanted to share why and some of the encouraging aspects of doing so.


Joanne said...

Good morning Terri! Made progress on my revision, outline completed? Check! Now on to the writing. The week went by so fast, I can't believe it's Review Friday already. Looking forward to tomorrow's Blogging Blog. Have a great day!

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Terri, Good morning.

I spent a lot of this week researching places to submit some of my devotionals. I also have a whole slew of greeting cards that I have written so I am making both of these my focus for the next week to purpose to find some outlets for them.

Glad to see you are making strides in your work. Good job.

Have a blessed weekend.

Janna Qualman said...

Thanks, as always, for directing our thoughts toward our goals and how to better meet them. Having followed your (virtual) advice and listed what I wanted to accomplish this week, I found I did!

I posted my book review, finished and completed my newest column entry (which gave me fits this go round), I reworked my synopsis, made a decision about my agent query process, AND submitted directly to a publisher. Oh, and gave my blog a facelift! :)

WOW! Thank you! And Sunday evening I'll line out next week's goals. :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I am taking time to make some goals this next week. Blogging consumes so much time, and I have neglected some other writing hurdles I want to accomplish. Can't wait for your blogging thoughts. I could add a few of my own!


Angie Ledbetter said...

I have loose weekly goals, but maybe I'll try some really concrete ones for next week:

Get ___ pages of editing done on novel project.

Contact agent (since it's been a decent amount of time since she asked to see the ms).

Send ms to top tier agents I've researched. *gulp*

Keep up with blogs. Do daily blog stroll to other favorite places too. ;)

Get poetry together to submit.

Produce 3 new pieces of Treated Text. (Contact LSU Gallery manager.)

Hmmmmm...I wonder if I can cut and paste this into an email to Self? (Hey, yeah, it worked!) Thanks for the inspiration.

Renee Collins said...

Way to meet your goals! It looks like things are moving ahead for you.

I didn't do as much revision as I wanted this week, but I did research a good list of agents. That's something.

I actually have big plans for this weekend. Hopefully, I can get alot done. We'll see.