Friday, October 10, 2008

Checking it Twice

I have been feeling pretty good about what I've accomplished this week as far as writing goes. How about you?


Do a once over on my #1 book-make sure all paragraphs correct, pages numbered, and any last minute changes complete. DONE

Begin to reread #2 book and get some ideas going about it. TEN CHAPTERS REDONE

Finish reading book for the blog tour coming later this month. ONE FOURTH

Search out one new market to submit an already written story. DONE-SUBMITTED TO A CONTEST!

I'm actually feeling inspired again once I made myself sit down and reread what I'd already written on book number two. In fact, I like this book better than the first and it motivates me to finish it by February when I have a conference to attend.

I've heard nothing back from the agent and am wondering if I should try elsewhere, wait it out longer or forget about it and just focus on writing a better book.

Any thoughts? How's your progress been this week?


Janna Qualman said...

Great job this week, Terri! So happy you feel a rejuvenation toward book 2. :) And I say you could submit to another agent or two, while waiting on a reply from the first. Pray about it (I'm sure you are), and He'll guide you.

I've done well will small projects this week (my prompts), and even made some progress on my second book, though not as much as I'd hoped. Still got a whole Friday ahead of me, though!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Wooohoo on all the check marks on your To-Do list! Such a good feeling. More about your WIP later, hopefully?

D. Gudger said...

Nothing wrong with multiple submissions when seeking an agent. They are buried under hundreds of queries and it does take months for them to respond.

I'm just impressed you actually formally set goals. I just sit down and pound away at the laptop until my shoulders scream in pain.

then somedays I don't go near the darn thing :)

Barbara said...

It's been a slow week. Where's my Muse when I need her?