Thursday, October 16, 2008

The twitchy finger disease

How many of you wake up--turn on the computer--and check your email before you do anything else? ( A hand is raised here.) And then if for some wild chance, you only see three new ones, you get this let-down feeling?

So you scan them quickly and prioritize them for importance. A good friend wrote about her weather, a blogging buddy left a blurb about your last post, and Amazon notified you that your book shipped. That's it. You click the Check mail again. Maybe another time for good measure. Is Yahoo down or what?

Come on! No response from an agent? No acceptance from a publisher about that article you sent in a month ago! No note from an author saying you won a free book! What's this day going to be like?

And then I decide to eat my bowl of oatmeal and wait it out. Maybe it will happen later. Maybe all my good news is being stacked for one huge surprise.

Ever play that game?

Another hand is being raised here in Florida. But hopefully I'll get over it quickly as I actually have some writing I should be doing instead of moaning over my lack of good news.

Thanks for reading my blurbs on writing a story for an anthology. Hopefully, it motivated some and encouraged another. Have a great day writing and try not to hit the email button too many times!


Angie Ledbetter said...

I have the opposite problem lots of time -- email pile-up! And, yeah, it's the first thing I do each morning AFTER I get my coffee. (Hoping your good news emails are all piling up together too!) ;)

Janna Qualman said...

Oy. *raises hand high ... higher* I get so antsy when it comes to e-mail. But I find it so much more exciting if, instead of hovering to open each new piece as it trickles in, I occupy myself with something else and come back a few hours later - then there's usually a stack of fun stuff to open. Granted, still nothing earth-shattering, but comments on my blog or notes from friends brighten my day.

And in all honesty, regarding Avalon, I listen for my phone to ring, when the area code 212 (for NY) might pop up on the ID. I'm hoping and praying, anyway...

Janna Qualman said...

And when that day has happened for each of us, I truly want to meet up when my family next visits Florida. We'll have to celebrate in person, with hugs!

AnooCre8ion said...

Good morning Terri, my hand is raised as well. I usually leave my laptop on and reach out to where I leave it lying and refresh the page to see if there's anything that I want to read right away.

I submitted a couple devotionals a few weeks ago and even though it's just recently I've been checking my junk mail and all looking for some kind of reply.

Anyway, as you said there's always some writing waiting.

Have a great day.

Renee Collins said...

lol Terri, you and I really are in the same place. Except, I have a seperate email that I give to agents. So, I torture myself by checking that account several times a day. Each time I click, I think, Maybe there will be something in it this time. Please, please, please.

Linda said...

Yup....I check email first thing in the morning as well. Weekdays I shower first though....and sip a cup of coffee that hubby brings up to me! I also wonder that the server is down when I don't get email!