Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dog lovers, teachers, and other news

Houndhaven here in Central Florida is putting together a book about funny incidents that your Lab might have done. If you have a story to share to help out this worthy organization--click on the link and see where to email your story. As a former Lab owner--I still love these kind-hearted dogs and am playing around with the idea of adopting another one someday. I think once a dog owner--always a dog owner.

Some other news---I received a call late the other night from an editor at a magazine in CA. Thank goodness my husband didn't hang up on her! I had written an article for a teacher's magazine two years ago and pretty much had given up on seeing it published. She tracked me down and asked for my bio and picture as it is coming out in the next issue. I'll post a link when it does but it is a magazine for Christian teachers. I have a story in it about when I was in third grade and the kindness of that teacher.

Also--many of you know I started the query stage of my first book a few months ago. I sent to one agent and she sent me a no thank-you after reading three chapters. The agent I sent to in Sept. responded today that he is passing it over to a female agent in the company to better review. I am okay if this book gets rejected as I like the one I'm working on now better--but it was nice not to get a flat out rejection again and an offer for another agent to look it over.

That's my writer news for the week!


Janna Qualman said...

How exciting! I bet, first, you can whip up a dog story for the FL book. And it's great about your teacher-related publication - even better news that the agent has referred you to another. Keep us posted!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Wow, congrats on the teacher article getting published, and on the headway with the ms. Good things comin'!!

Kasie West said...

That is so crazy that someone tracked you down after 2 years! Amazing! Congrats on the novel review too. Way to go.

AnooCre8ion said...

Great news Terri. Congrats on your story being published.

I pray for success with your book as well that God would propel it in the right direction and into the right hands.


Liz said...

Yay! Congrats on your being passed to someone else! That is fabulous, just fabulous. Rejection is SUCH a part of the business, but boy it stinks.

An author has taken rejection to a new level, by holding a funeral for her rejected book. She's inviting guests to bury their dead dreams, too. Finally, a web site bringing together writers and their rejected books.

Jessica said...

Wow, that is nice! So maybe he liked it but isn't sure so he needs a woman's input? LOL
Awesome and congrats on the article!
We had labs growing up and if I ever get my boys a dog, top pick will be a lab.

Slendarella said...

Ooo, excellent! Nice to know that your hard work didn't go unnoticed! Congrats! Slendie