Friday, November 14, 2008

A Gentle Kick in the Pants

Yesterday, I wrote about how I have decided to start a 28-hour reactivation course for my real estate license so I don't permanently lose it now that our economy has changed so much. I have until March to comply.

But I worried how my writing would suffer as I tackle my way through the online modules. Well, with a little encouragement from a friend (Angie) I managed to write almost two thousand words in the hour between my lunch and some errands.

Imagine what we can accomplish with only a little encouragement from each other--whether online or in person!

Of course I think there were some veiled threats that I might get a visit of sorts should I not write . . . but seriously, knowing that someone set a specific goal for me did play in the back of my head as I went about my day. I usually set my own goals but in this case felt my goal was not to write but to plow through this project so I could return to do what I liked most--writing.

I discovered yesterday that despite those projects that creep into my life--I can write if I set my mind and time to it without waiting for the perfect mood or environment.

Is there a writer you can encourage this weekend or next week? I'd love to hear how you did and what the results were!


Sassy Granny ... said...

I love it! It's so about being intentional (my word for the decade). Something that goes hand-in-hand with your thoughts here is another concept that's widely touted but sorely lacking: setting priorities. Oh how wonderful is the word "no" when it comes to competing, conflicting goals.

You go girl!


Janna Qualman said...

Very important indeed that we encourage one another. That's such a big part of it! Kudos to Angie for giving you a boost, and to you for making such a great accomplishment. :)

AnooCre8ion said...

Awesome Terri. I have intentionally started to put away some things that were eating up my time, so I can get more writing done.

It's a great feeling when you can accomplish another piece of your goal.

Also wanted to let you know I received my Chicken Soup book yesterday. Thank you so much, and of course my first stop was in reading your wonderful story. Great writing.

This book was very timely. For the past week my high school daughter has been crying everyday about a situation at school, where she stood up for what is right but is feeling deserted by those whom she thought were her friends.

We were able to look at some of the stories in "standing up for what is right and the consequences."

She took it along to school with her today.
Thank you again.


Melissa Marsh said...

I've definitely done better on the writing front (as far as sitting down and doing it!) when I know I am accountable to someone.

Barbara said...

I have a couple of people who I am going to encourage today. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Yolanda said...

Sassy Granny is right on...INTENTIONAL. A choice!

You encourage me! Ready for a good laugh, then come on over!


Leaders In Learning said...

Yes, that accountability is one of the reasons I joined Clermont Christian Writers. I don't write anything like I do when I know I'm going to report to the group. :>) Now if I could just squeeze in teh amount of writing that I wish to do with everything I have on my plate, that would be great. You're an inspiration.

Leaders In Learning said...

Wow, I guess I need an editor for my comments, LOL.

Angie Ledbetter said...

*Puts pointy boots back in the closet!* You go, girlie! I'm so proud of you.

As to encouraging others, I've got a new friend I met at a slammin' writers conference last summer who wanted to give up on her novel. I won't let her. I'm editing the first two chaps for her this weekend. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

PS Join or start a live critique group. Talk about making ya accountable! :)

Jen said...

Actually, I've had a bunch of people encouraging ME the past couple of weeks, and let me tell you, it's a huge boon that I'm very grateful for.

It helps so much to know you're not alone in this writing gig, doesn't it?

Pat's Place said...

I suspect you could set a goal for yourself each day--carve out an hour or two hours that are devoted specifically to writing. Do that despite what else you have to do during the day and you might be more productive than you think.

Jessica said...

Yikes!!! Two thousand words in an hour? That is incredible.
Kudos to you :-)

Kasie West said...

I don't know that I encourage many people, but I sure have had lots of people encourage me. Before I found this online writing community I was lucky enough to have several encouraging friends in my life. I always tell others to make sure they surround themselves with uplifting people if you want to get into this industry, because it's a rough road full of rejections.

Renee Collins said...

Oh yes, encouragement is so important. I think being a writer can be a little lonely in a professionial kind of way. We don't have a boss or a supervisor to keep us in line/praise us for a job well done. That's why I am so happy I found the online writer network.

Also, 2000 words in an hour is fantastic! Way to go!