Saturday, November 29, 2008


What's the protocol for blogging during holidays?

I noticed it seems to run about half and half--some do and some don't. Many of my favorite sites offer new posts but some are advertising "I'm gone for the holidays." I almost wish I had a rerun post to post, kind of like last night's TV line-up.

I know I'm not getting much writing done this weekend. With my house almost decorated I can't concentrate on much else until all the clutter is back in some sort of orderly or livable fashion.

But Monday is around the corner and then it's back at it. In the meantime, hope you all are enjoying this time of making memories instead of writing about them!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Mixed bag here. Had a football game at my kids' school last night (wheeee, we won!), finally got all the Thanksgiving dishes done, laundry's caught up, and the Christmas boxes aren't down yet (Dad's at the deer camp), on to writing.

Ya know, you can always do a rerun post for readers who weren't around when you started yer bloggy. :)

Melissa Marsh said...

I've had a bit of a quiet holiday, so I've enjoyed doing some blogging. Our little abode is pretty much decorated, so I'm thankful for that!

Robin Lambright said...

Ditto here! For me since this blog was not started until after the holiday season last year (Feb. 08) I will be making up my blog guidelines as I go along. I usually post when the inspiration hits and it might be inspired by the holidays or it might be totally random and have nothing to do with the holidays, or we will just have to see what happens.
I am so glad you pulled out your decorations for the holidays.
It's hard to be a Scrooge with all the festiveness going on.

MichaƩle said...

Blogging keeps me sane so if I am noticeably absent, alert the authorities!