Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why should I blog?

I went to a writers' conference this past summer in PA and was amazed at how many of the attendees didn't blog. My friend, Donna, attended the FWA this past weekend and she also found out that a large number of Florida writers don't have a clue about blogging. So it got me to thinking about this thing I do.

I'd like to post a few questions over the next couple of days about blogging. Since I blog daily, it's a big part of my writing experience and if there is a way to improve upon it, I'd like to know.

So please answer as long or as short as you please. I look forward to your comments!

Question: As a writer, why should I blog--isn't a website enough?


Melissa Marsh said...

Why should you blog? Well, for one, it keeps your writing muscle in shape. Two, because it allows you another forum to express yourself. And three, because you enjoy it. All good reasons.

I love to blog. I am so glad I decided to do it. I have created such a wonderful support system (of which you are a part - thank you!) and met so many others writers. I love that we can share the writing journey together. It's such a long and difficult road and sometimes, no one understands it but other writers. :-)

Melissa Marsh said...

And to answer the website question, no, I don't think a website is enough in this day and age. I am always disappointed when I go to an author's website and find that they don't have a blog. I think it opens the door on who the person is behind the book/story.

Barbara said...

I read once that publishers find your blog important because it displays, not only your work, but your following. "A following" is important to them...it indicates whether or not readers feel you have something important to say.

Kasie West said...

I think it's a great networking tool and very fun to keep in touch with other writers. I also feel like it shows agents that you are willing to promote yourself and that you are knowledgeable in all the up to date ways to do that.

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I think that a blog is one of the most important ways to show off your writing skills, grow a following and networking. Also it is a way of sharing writing info that will help other writers.

Websites seem so impersonal and often the info doesn't change for long periods of time. Regular blogging keeps the reader looking forward to what the next installment will be concerning the writer's personal and writing life...like a tv serial.

MichaƩle said...

I think a blog compells you to write every day which is the key to successful writing..or so I'm told!!!

Ang said...

I have read all the comments to the question and I agree with everyone. But one more thing I feel a blog site gives is the chance for other writers-beginners and pros-to have worked critiqued by someone other than an agent.

I do not have the money or the time to set up a productive website. However, my blogspot was complete in less than an hour and I can change it very easily when needed. Not something you can do with a website unless you are a computer tech.

Jessica said...

Blogging sure takes up a lot of time! Kudos to you for doing it every day!
I blog because I like to :-) I have heard, however, that it's not such a big thing.
What did you hear?

KelliGirl said...

This is a question I ask myself often. Why do I blog?

First, as Melissa said, I blog to keep my writing muscle in shape. I like being able to come up with a thought, write it and send it out to the world in a few hours. There is immediacy with blogging.

Second, since I write to honor God, I feel blogging is a ministry. I know with each post I write, I bring God's light to a few people.

I struggle because blogging can become a thing unto itself. To develop a following you have to be involved in the "community." One could easily spend hours everday. If your main goal is to write, is this a necessary evil or a temptation to avoid? Just reading others blogs and commenting takes time. If anyone has figured out how to balance this, let me know!!

That said, I have "met" some really nice women out there in the blogosphere. My community is small, but it I treasure it.


Pat's Place said...

Yes, blogging does keep us writing and I seem to find more and more reasons to write about something. I also find that I learn from reading other blogs, so I definitely WILL continue blogging.

Yolanda said...

I believe a blog in our realm, is to show Christ.

And that leads to why I write, to give testimony to God's love and faithfulness. To share Him!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Blogging forms great support systems through community, information exchange, networking opportunities, and keeps you accountable. It also helps with idea flow and gives me fodder for stories lots of times. Plus, ya get to meet great people like you! :)

Leaders In Learning said...

What a loaded question, Terri! I've heard theories both for writers running a blog and indifferent to it. As a fellow writer, it is hard for me to not judge someone as antiquated if they don't know how to blog because anyone can do it. Which leads to the question of why blog? A well-written blog certainly stands out from the crowd especially when editors see that your raw, self-edited work is quality and thatyou make their job easier by learning to do alot of that for yourself. But what do I know?

Leaders In Learning said...

But then again, look at my edit job of a simple comment, LOL.

Janna Qualman said...

I think an author's professional site, for example, gives a great overview of their career. It's a way to compile all one's titles and projects, give resumes and the like. A site is a matter-of-fact way to market oneself. Blogging, however, is a more personalized, day-to-day sort of this-is-me-and-here-are-my-thoughts kind of thing. I think they both have their places.