Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A couple of questions

In my last post, I mentioned getting my stories and articles in tip-top shape before I send them out. What surprised me were some of the comments back. Many of the writers I have met and known for a decent amount of time on here admitted to not submitting anything yet.

I really was shocked. So I'm asking a few questions--I always need to know!

Have you not sent out articles because:
1. You don't know where to submit
2. You don't know how to submit
3. You don't know why you should submit
OR. . . 4. You're afraid to submit

I hope the reason isn't #4 because that is just too sad.

I'd love to hear your reasons for not taking that step and getting your clips built up. Then I'd like to know how I can help.


Kasie West said...

None of the above. LOL Actually thanks to you, I have submitted 3 articles in the last few months. But before that my main problem is that articles/short stories just aren't my strength. I'm so much better at fully developing a story and don't quite know how to tackle a short story. I'm a novel girl. Anything that has ever started off as a short story got added to my list of future novels. LOL

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

1. don't have a clue where to submit, so that's a big yes!
2. Don't know how to submit, another big yes. I have a lot of devotional material written just sitting in a folder on my computer, so another big yes!
3. Don't know why I you should submit, sorta I struggle with feelings of why would anyone be interested in what I have to say. I can't say there is any fear involved. I think I have gotten over that this past year as I have posted to my blog. That was the reason I began the blog to get myself over the fear of sharing what I write with others. Just yesterday sent off a devotional to CWO at the suggestion go a friend. Basically I have things written but just don't know what to do now!


KelliGirl said...

What a great question!

I started writing consistently last year. At the time submitting articles was the last thing on my mind. Since then I've submitted a couple of devotionals and two articles.

I've received lots of encouragement and have on my to-do list: "Submit more articles." But, I have been very slow to move in that direction. I know if I culled through all that I wrote last year I could certainly find some article ideas to take off on...and plenty of devotionals.

I guess bottom line is that no one is making me submit and I fill my writing time with blogging which is fun and instantly gratifying. In my heart I know I need to step out more with my writing.

All I need is someone to boss me around and hold my feet to the fire!

BTW, great news about your speaking invitation. I know you'll do a fantastic job. Our biggest growth always comes when we step off our map of comfort.

Morgan Mandel said...

I don't have the time to submit articles because I've been so busy blogging, going to work, and trying to finish by novel.

I could use some extra money by submitting articles to paying markets.

Morgan Mandel

Janna Qualman said...

Bless you, Terri, always the willin-to-help encourager. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

It is scary submitting, but once you've done it, it gets easier. I remember a well known poet and editor of a big journal who once said at a conference, "Sometimes it's not that your work concerning tuna fish isn't good or great, but that we've just published a story on that same topic, or have one in an upcoming issue!" My writers group calls this the tuna reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

I have not submitted anything because I am working with an instructor at Long Ridge Writer's Group. I feel my work is not ready to be submitted but I am getting closer. However; I do like to submit to contests. My husband's aunt, who is a published author as well, agrees this a great way to get your work out there and be seen. Maybe it is the same thing...submitting to a source and entering contests...but the latter sounds less hurtful if rejected.

Kathryn Magendie said...

None of the above - I submit, even when I hate it - even when I'm grumbling while doing it, even when I think I'll be rejected but am hoping I will not - and sometimes I am, but sometimes I am not - so that keeps me submitting, those "am not" times!

Brenda Leyland said...

Hi Terri, Thanks for the prod! I hadn't visited your site for a little while, and I realize that that's not a good thing -- I think I need your 'encouraging stare' more frequently .

In answer to your question, (maybe a little for each of 1-3, but mainly, I don't seem to get organized enough to actually work on something to send out. I spend a lot of time writing my blog, which has helped me to focus on writing every day. That was a key purpose in starting to blog. But, in 2009 I really want to take my writing challenge to the next level and actually submit some of my stuff somewhere else.

I'll stay in touch with you, so I can benefit from your gentle prodding!

BTW, I want to let you know there's an Award waiting for you at my site today, so you can come by and pick it up!


Jessica said...

Hmm, no I'm in a submitting frenzy. :-) But that is sad if someone is afraid. Hope you're able to help!

giddymomof6 said...

LOL! I've never written an article before.. hmm.. course my writing schedule is soo intense as it is, I'm not sure when I'd have time... But i wonder what i'd write about? Hmm

LisaShaw said...

Since we were emailing each other today I dropped you a line on this.

pierre trudel said...

Hi Terri,this is Pierre from Montreal Canada.My wife and I are a team when it comes to writting.We are 57 years young and have been together as best friends for 41 years.We have been married for 37 years and have three children and 6 grandchildren.She loves to think and I love to write.My fingers itch when an idea comes to me.I'm sure you know what I mean.I used to be afraid of all the points you mentionned in your article today.I was afraid that my writting was never up to par.Maybe I wanted "to"much for my articles to be perfect.At the beginning of your article you state"getting my stories and articles in tip-top shape before I send them out",well that was always a fear I had.Today I write from my heart and that is what God wants from me,imperfections and all.Someone told me one day,"Pierre just write.Put it down on paper.Let God do the correction.Let the itch be your signal.Put it down,write,write,write.Thanks for all you are doing for others Terri.Peace is in your heart.Pierre from the THEE QUEST team of Pierre & Pierrette

Melissa Marsh said...

Focus. I still have a story I need to submit and have not gotten around to doing it yet, but that's because I've been working on the novel.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

1. Time.
2. Being lazy when I have time.
3. Lack of response with the last 5 articles I submitted 3 months ago.


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Terri, my reason is even worse. I just haven't taken the time to do it. That is really terrible and I am ashamed to admit it. I need to get off blog land and get to work!