Thursday, March 26, 2009

A closer look

It’s amazing the different personalities that abound through blogging. I’ve run into so many kinds of people here—both writers and non-writers—all with a common bond.

We enjoy sharing our hearts.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I try to get around to as many blogs I can and really read the writer’s words. Then I try to answer as honestly as I can too. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not.

But in all that writing and reading, I’ve been discovering, little by little, who I really am as a writer.

Have you noticed what kind of topics you like to post about most? Have you become aware of the style that gives you the greatest satisfaction?

I have.

I know I don’t do devotions well. I know I don’t do posts with tons of scripture well either. And I know I stink at Fiction Friday. So it makes me wonder where I need to take my writing.

I started this blog to document my journey into writing and to meet some awesome people. Done both! I’ve listed writer information, shared what I’ve learned and how I learned it, bragged about my successes and cried about my failures.

I’ve tried to share my heart. You know why? Because that’s the kind of writer I want to be. Because that's the kind of writing I enjoy reading.

Take a look at your blog. Have you discovered what kind of writer you are yet?


Sassy Granny ... said...

What a worthy aspiration! You are leaving a trail for others to follow, all the while cheering them as they run their individual races. You are running your own, and "well" I might add.

I lean in the direction of eclectic, but certainly my posts favor roots versus branches. I love the deep stuff; yet I love digging & root trimming in order to make it simple. You might say I attempt to transplant everything. It's also important to me to have fun in the process.

I'm so glad you share your heart with us!


Stina Rose said...

I am still finding out who I am as a writer. Blogging, writing stories and taking a writing course are all things that are helping me find myself.

Lin said...

great post, I'm in the process of creating a class called creative blogging for our local community ed program. Something along the lines of finding your unique voice through blogging. You are right it is a way to find your real self as a writer and person. I always enjoy what you write.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've always known exactly what I wanted my "writing" to be. From the start of the blog, I knew what kind of stuff works best for me; I think I've stayed pretty true to my goals.

I love knowing what I'm going to get at a particular blog or with a particular artist/author. And yes, I would agree. Writing a blog has sharpened my focus and made me a much better writer...of that I am sure.


Greg C said...

As you have probably noticed, I am still searching for my "normal" post. I jump around a lot. I like either "from the heart" posts or comical posts. I would like to write a book but I never seem to go very far with it. After I put it down for a while I lose interest. I think the subject may be a little too serious for me.

Janna Qualman said...

Excellent thoughts today, Terri. I've discovered - just in the last 6 months or so - I'm the kind of writer who values open honesty, and the emotion at the heart of things.

Jessica said...

Awwww, this is a very sweet post! And I very much appreciate it when you stop by.
As for what kind of writer I am? Well, based on my blog posts I'm guessing I'm bossy. A know-it-all.

Jody Hedlund said...

I'm still trying to figure out my blog style. Since I'm a deep thinker and like to delve into emotional issues, my novel writing tends to reflect that. But I'm still struggling to find my unique blog voice!

Cheryl Wright said...

I am organized-to-a-fault most days. So I couldn't conceive of having one blog to hold my interests. So I stuck my neck out and created four:

Perspectives on life was designed to share my thoughts on and experiences with some of life's more common issues. My posts deal with serious life-changing topics but you'll also find some personal stories in the mix.

Perspectives on Writing is where I dispense all kinds of writing advice, but more importantly, I open my heart and share my journey through the writing life hopefully inspiring other writers along the way. It is by far, my favorite blog.

Quiet Time with God is the most difficult for me to keep current because although I am passionate about my beliefs I am more comfortable sharing them one on one and in person.

The Cautious Blogger reveals my adventuous side - playing around with new blogging features I come across on the internet.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Yes, this is what blogging is so good for!!! We need all kinds of people with different voices, and that's what keeps it fun!

I ALWAYS love your blog and your comments. I don't get to comment as much as I used to, but yours is always one of the dozen I hit.

Carmen Gamble said...

I really enjoy your posts, Terri! You're a good writer! As for me, ...I'm all over the place...tending to write about whatever hits my fancy that day! My life has always been very structured, maybe that's why my writing is not! LOL

Pat's Place said...

You know, I think you could make an excellent book by compiling all your blog posts about your struggles with being a published writer and it would be something all of us could read and understand. You might print an assortment of them out, arrange them in some sort of order and see what you have. Thinking back, you have encouraging posts, less encouraging thoughts (we can all relate to that!), hints for organizing our time and our writing. It might also include suggestions for ways to get published. It would make a great "how to" book! Then you could teach a class or two from your book!

Melissa Marsh said...

I think I'm like you, Terri - I love to share what's going on in my life with honesty and openness.

Jan Cline said...

I have to agree with your assesment - I like to write from my heart. But I also like to research and put together non-fiction pieces. I dont do well at Fiction. You sound like a very well rounded author - I bet you could do anything you put your mind to.

Beth in NC said...

I love to write from my heart -- usually my journey with the Lord. I am an open book about my failures because if I can overcome -- so can my reader!

I have never written fiction, but who knows what God has planned in the future. :o)

Embee said...

What I like the most about reading so many different blogs is that it seems people are capable of getting along better in cyberspace than in real life. I read a lot of different kinds of blogs, and even though there are so many different opinions, people always seem to be respectful of each other and the fact that everyone has a right to their own opinion. I rarely see any mean comments. I truly enjoy the sense of community, which I find amusing, because I'll probably never meet any of you and yet I still feel a connection. I think it's a wonderful way to bring people together from different places and different cultures who wouldn't otherwise ever meet, and help them appreciate each other.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Blogging has definitley helped me discover more of my writing bent. Not sure I've figured it all out yet, but I'm certainly on the right path! Plus, I LOVE the blogs I read and the people behind them. They have blessed my life SO much! You're one of them!

KelliGirl said...

This is great food for thought. I am in the midst of a major identity crisis as a writer...if I can even call myself that...and as a blogger.

I so appreciate your honesty and faithfulness on your blog. Keep doing what you do best!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

For me, God's word so inspires me. I will pick up my journal and start writing and then all of a sudden I will find that a devotional is in front of me. There are many times when something I see during my day or some tiny experience will make a connection within my brain and there will be a small prompting to "write that down" other times I am like you said moved with in my hear to share an experience I have had with the hope that what ever I have been through will help encourage someone else or even just let them know that they are not alone.
I also find that I share a lot on my blog about the happening of my day and how God uses the small seemingly insignificant things to get His point across, but then there are times when the well runs dry and I find myself witting about really riveting topics like hospital socks!


Tea With Tiffany said...

Great challenge. I have many passions and it's hard to put them in a tidy box. I'm still in the discovering process 4 years into blogging.


Keep writing your heart!

Deborah said...

I wrote a long comment the other day and my computer ate it, so I'm back to try again!

Looking at my blog, I'm not sure what kind of writer I am, because sometimes my blog seems like such a hodge podge. To try to keep some semblance of order, I've actually started several blogs, trying to put my life and interests into neat little music, my fostering and adopting, my faith, and another one mainly as a tribute to my parents and their beautiful garden. I'm not sure it's working for me, because my main blog is still a hodge podge! I wonder if that says something about my life?!

My preferred 'type' of writing is lyrics...I can say what I want to say, but not get bogged down in the details!

I write some devotions, when some every day occurance brings a scriptural principal to mind...but I can't set out to write just happens.

I have self published one book, Stepping Stones Along My Journey, and it's very much written from the heart. Come to think of it, my book is a bit of a hodge podge too...some devotions, bits of my testimony, bits about my family and motherhood, interspersed with lyrics and poetry. I think I had so much on my heart that I needed to get out, and writing the book was very therapeutic!