Saturday, June 06, 2009

Minutes Matter

It's not true. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

I knew early on in life that my career as a professional swimmer was a pipe dream when I hadn't learned to swim by my freshman year in college.

Likewise, I knew I wasn't meant to be a professional cheerleader when I never mastered a flip or cartwheel.

I'm too old to take on a few careers--I need to leave those to a younger generation.

But not so with writing.

I was blessed this week to hear from several people who were dipping their toe into the writer's occupation. One asked me if she was too old to try.

NEVER. You are never too old to write to get published. As long as you can keep up with some of the technology required and are willing to learn the process--the dream is yours to take.

I ask you today. What are you waiting for? You have years ahead of you to share what God has laid on your heart. You have opportunities waiting to be discovered. You have a career waiting to be grasped.

I'm 54 this year. Haven't I filled that time with experiences? Experiences that some other person on this earth might just find enjoyable?

The clock is ticking.


sarah said...

you're amazing Terri.So positive and encouraging. I hope this is YOUR best year yet to experience some amazing and new opportunities too. Sarah

ginny said...

Thanks! I would love an opportunity to write and get published....Any suggestions on keeping up with technology? You are an inspiration.

Lin said...

good thoughts, i'm 69 this summer and writing like crazy-want to leave a legacy and hopefully contribute some ideas that will help others want to do the same.

Jessica said...

I completely agree! That's the beauty of this profession. It's not limited by age, and not necessarily by experience either. If you have an imagination, then you're ready to roll. LOL!
I hope I get to read something of yours someday!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I am always comforted & inspired to recall how old were most of the saints of old when they achieved their greatest feats. And, as I look back upon my own life, I am amazed at how rich & rewarding it's been with each passing decade.

We are never too old to learn, to change. The best part? We have a great God that leads us in the process.

Be blessed,

Warren Baldwin said...

Good encouragement for any aspiring writer here, Thanks. Your growing Following list is indication that a lot of people appreciate your writing. wb

Kasie West said...

I agree. I think you learn to write by writing. So write away. :)

Jody Hedlund said...

Great post, Terri! As writers, we can always grow and learn as long as we're willing to make the effort!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

I'm excited for you because you're moving ahead with your dreams. It takes time and effort, and you're giving it your all.

As I've watched your dedication, it has inspired me to fire up my computer and finish editing my WIP. Thanks, Terri.

Susan :)

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

The great thing about this profession is that even if you begin late, your words live on forever.