Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not an Option

My husband told me today, "I’m tired of disappointment.” This was said after he found out he’d bleached a stain in his new shorts. It was said after he found out a dear friend lost his sixteen-year-old grandson this weekend.

We’ve been living with heavy disappointment now for almost two years. Disappointment in not getting meaningful employment. Disappointment in not being able to see friends and family. Disappointment in watching a life’s savings disappear.

It’s easy for disappointment to become a way of life—a way of thinking. A reason to give up.
And that isn’t good. Because giving up isn’t an option.

As writers, we experience similar degrees of frustrations, disappointments, rejections. We wonder if what we’re doing is making any difference. We wonder if there’s one more book to read or conference to attend—something –that will make our writing profession take off.

Giving up on writing isn’t a choice I’m willing to follow either.

With life we just need to get out of bed every morning. We need to show up. God expects us to do that. After all, we’re here to serve him. Not us.

Same goes with writing. If writing is my talent and I feel led to write—then I need to show up at my computer and do what it takes. Write and submit. Learn and grow.

I’m not sure why my husband and I are going through all this stuff right now. I might never ever know. I don’t know how my writing will affect someone. I might never know that either.

But aren’t you glad God does?


Trudy said...

This is a wonderful post...and yes, I am definitely glad that God has the play book and not me!

I hope things do get a bit smoother for you guys soon though...the bumps aren't much fun!

Julie Gillies said...

I'm so sorry for all the disappointments you've endured, Terri. My heart goes out to you, and though I may never understand these things this side of heaven, I do know that God is sovereign.

I like the analogy you've made with writing and disappointment, because not a writer exists who won't face disappointment, rejection, confusion.

But as you said, we get up every day and do our part...with life and with writing. Then somehow God mystically intervenes and does His part. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Beth in NC said...

I'm sorry for the discouragement. Even in the midst of disappointment, we can always find someone in worse shape.

I pray you both will feel encouraged as you have each other to love.

I also pray God will use this season as great writing fodder. :o)

Bless you!

Jan Cline said...

If nothing else, you both are an inspiration to me. I love following your blog and staying in touch. You are obviously becoming stronger through it all - that's the God in you.

Pat's Place said...

Big prayers for you both in this down time. I pray for some surprises in the upcoming days!

Andrea said...

Amen....what a timely post. Some days all we have left in us is the ability to "show up" for the day. I praise GOD, HE will do the rest.

Blessings, andrea

ginny said...

I can totally identify with all the disappointments. It is really hard to understand why, but you are so right that God holds all the cards and we have to surrender to whatever it is He wants of us. As for writing.....Don't give up. I find your writing very encouraging to me. You are very talented and this is truly a gift.

Lin said...

life is a learning experience...there's the quote-I never said it would be easy just worth it. Only by overcoming the disappointments can not giving up will we become stronger...

skoots1mom said...

on the days of overwhelming disappointment, then i must begin listing my blessings.
disappointment takes us down a road of further disappointment...and it is tiring. Praying his encouragement covers all perception of disappointment with His grace and ups are so much better than show downs :)

Cindy said...

What a great post! It makes me feel so good that God knows exactly who is being affected by my writing. And just as good to know he chose to give me this gift to reach other people.

I'm going to pray for you and your husband, for the hope that you see the manifestation of all the wonderful blessings God has for you!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Dear Terri:
I am praying right now that God get you up out of your pit and onto solid ground.

You are doing the right thing by not giving up, by simply showing up every day-- good for you both!
And YES, your writing is making a positive difference in many lives, dear.

Someday you will know the hearts you helped to change by allowing God to speak through you and leave His fingerprint there, as you say in your tagline.

With love in the Lamb,

Jessica said...

It is reassuring that He knows what's up. I'm glad you're keeping a Godly attitude about all this.
I truly believe that the trials you're going through are giving you a faith that will touch many people. :-)

Jody Hedlund said...

You're so right! We have to show up every day and put our fingers on the keyboard! And we need to keep pushing ourselves to improve! We'll get there!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

You are right. Giving up is not an option. I've been through many discouraging things and have found when in the depths of discouragment, it is time to find the things where there is encouragement. Play the glad game. It does work. I am sorry for you that you've had a tough couple of years. Long term discouragement can be hard to combat. I've been there as well. I will continue ot pray for you and that there will be some hope in the midst of this for you both. Love ya, sis!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

The word "to" was mispelled as "ot". I was going to delete and rewrite but will leave it so you can have a chuckle on my behalf. Laughter is good medicine. I forgot to tell you how I used to watch I Love Lucy episodes and other comedy. I've even looked up Christian comedy on YouTube when down. Now I will sing you an old hymn. "Cheer up ye saints of God, there's nothing to worry about. Nothing to make you feel afraid, nothing to make you doubt...." Chin up, Sweet lady!

Krista Phillips said...

So sorry for all the pain and frustration. *HUGS* and prayers! You have such a GOOD outlook though and this is EXACTLY what you need to do. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trusting God. Our pastor talked about this today, about PRAYER and the power of it and that even when all looks bleak, we still have to believe in the power of it and that God was, is and will be able to take care of us. Financially AND in our writing careers.

giddymomof6 said...

YES! I'm so glad God understands and sees the big picture. During stressful times, I've been grateful that there really was someone up there who was helping me, even if I couldn't see the blessings in front of me, I knew they were there.

Your blessings are coming. Hang in there. You're such a great example to us all!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yes, I am!

Melissa Marsh said...

I am VERY glad God knows what I'm going through! That is a great source of comfort to me. And I'm so glad you have your faith, Terri. He will get you through this!

Greg C said...

Outstanding post Terri. I think you will find that many of us are in similar boats. Even though I am still working, I am having to deal with setbacks every day. This past weekend was one of them. We split up and worked at several locations and hardly made any money. I do feel like giving up a lot these days but I keep pushing on.