Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Empty Seat

It shouldn't have happened.

But it does. Everyday.

He was nineteen. A sophomore at the same school my husband now attends. There had been a test that day and he didn't do so well. His roommate found him later that evening dead of a drug overdose.

Curt came home and shared how his fellow students were wearing their jackets that day. He had heard a student had died but didn't know how. The next day, he discovered the facts.

He'd played golf with this boy two weeks ago. A nice kid, he'd told me then. All the younger students were nice and polite. The kind you'd want your daughter to date.

The psychology teacher held a memorial service at noon that day after classes let out.He gave an invitiation after a stirring sermon.

People got saved. Young men got saved.

At a golf college.

It's heartbreaking a boy had to die for others to accept the truth. Is there someone you know who needs to hear?


Heckety said...

You are right, it is heartbreaking. I feel for his family.

patti said...

Oh, Terri, yes. Our church has implemented an "Oikos" program to specifically pray to and reach out to "pre-Christians." It's SO exciting to daily pray for and make concerted efforts to show Christ's love.

Such a poignant post.


Julie Gillies said...

What a sad story, Terri. But I am grateful that God uses horrible circumstances to wake up the spiritually sleeping.

Just catching up with your last few blog posts--I hope that God grants you strength and direction in your writing, and favor, as well, as you juggle your full-time job and writing dreams.

I hope your weekend is productive and joyful, Terri! Blessings to you!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Why does it take a tragedy to make people wake up? I pray the Lord will comfort that young man's family.


Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

So heartbreaking! I hope this post is a message to even one someone out there who's experiencing thoughts of suicide to turn for help and that the Lord will lead them there and to salvation.

Jessica said...

Oh no! :-( That's so sad. But how awesome that the teacher held that meeting and shared the truth with so many.
There are definitely people in my life who need this, I just don't know if I'm the person they'll really listen to.
I hope Curt is okay.

Jan Cline said...

That's God for you. :)

Karen Lange said...

Yes, many people. Thanks for the reminder.

Lin Floyd said...

too many are taking their lives because they haven't found their voices

sarah said...

This is really sad that this guy had to die. I wish he had known he was ok no matter what he scored.

Linda Glaz said...

Such a heartbreak. If only kids realized that is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But God can use any situation for His glory.

Anonymous said...

How a situation can affect a human mind is totally unpredictable.

Nicole said...

Suicide is such a sad way to die. It affects everybody whom he's ever had any type of relationship with. It always leaves so many questions. My daughter's god-brother hung himself just last year, and we suffered horribly. He didn't die right away, but he was rushed to the hospital where he was on a breathing machine for two days while his brain activity slowly shut down. We all got to speak to him and ask him to come back to us. We experienced a glimmer of hope when his eyes would flicker and occasionally pop open, of course not focusing on any one of us. We were told that it was just his brain activity that caused the eye movement; he was still far away from us. To this day I wonder if he heard us speak all of the loving words that perhaps he'd been longing for all of his short young life to hear. In my heart I believe that he did, which is why I believe that God allowed him to live just a little while longer before he took him home. He was 16 years old. It was the saddest funeral I've ever attended. Those that were unbelievers, his father particularly, screamed and lunged after the casket. Many of the funerals that I've attended have been a celebration of life. This was no such funeral. Prayers should definitely go up for the family and friends, as they might be wrestling with so many questions and emotions. In the case of suicide it appears that everybody blames themselves. No matter if you've known the person for several years or just a few minutes, you wonder if there is anything that you could have done or said to prevent it. The only comfort we have is in Jesus Christ. May God comfort them in their time of sadness.

Amy Tate said...

Wow. That is heartbreaking. It sure does put Romans 8:28 into perspective, doesn't it?

Crystal said...

How heartbreaking, Terri! My prayers are with that young man's family . . . what a tragic loss. We never know what someone is going through & sometimes just a kind or uplifting word to someone can make the difference between life and death.