Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh for a cup of cold water

I've always thought of myself as a well-adjusted person. You know what I mean. I've had success in my jobs, businesses and undertakings for the most part. I've made friends and kept them and even planned for my future and it happened.

So some of you might be thinking, "Then what's going on with you now?"

To be honest,I haven't a clue.

Life just isn't cooperating with me.

And I don't know what to do.

I understand God might be doing a little more refining on me but I have to tell you, my spirit is lagging.

Catching this virus hasn't helped either except it allows me down time to sit here and catch up some. But then I think about Monday. And going back to a place where I wonder how it can get any worse. Wondering about my part there and if it will kill me in the end. Or will something good finally happen and I'll be glad I stuck it out?

As I read your blogs today, my heart soars from your words. It makes me excited to jump back in. It makes me forget that our well broke this morning and my husband is preparing to go out in the rain and fix it so I can flush the toilet.

Is there a situation going on in your life right now that is preventing you from following through on what you know you need to be doing?


Jessica Nelson said...

Yep, there sure is. I hope things get better for you soon. :-)

Susan R. Mills said...

I think we all have those situations. I wish you the best, Terri.

lakeviewer said...

Too many all the times. I ignore most things out of my control.

Good luck.

Jaime said...

Awww, hope things get better soon, but in the meantime, praying God's presence is VERY real to you!

Tamika: said...

Oh yeah! I feel critiqued in my writing, in marriage, and in ministry. Everyone has an opinion today on what I need improvement on.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Hang in there! I know from my own experiences with difficult times, "This too shall pass!"
This morning my spirit lifted when I saw a beautiful purple crocus popping out of the ground even as it rained. Hey, that little flower still bloomed regardless of the rain coming down. Hope your husband gets your well fixed soon. Sorry you're having those problems. It will pass. Better days are ahead. Spring's coming!

destrella said...

Praying you feel better soon and that the work situation will lead you one way or another. God is still in control! :O)

mamabear said...

I'm so sorry! My heart soooo goes out to you. Praying for you today.

patti said...

Oh, Terri, my heart aches for you.

Sigh. Nothing right now but dealt with issues early in the week re writing.

God has answered in a way beyond what I imagined.

Hold to His blessed promises.
He always works for His glory, for Your good, and in His time.

So hard and good.


Karen Lange said...

Hooray for a handy hubby! I hope you feel better soon:) Will continue to pray for you.

I've had weeks, months, even years where I've felt so out of sync and challenged, so I can relate a bit. Have had a challenging week with family news and other items. One song that has been running through my head is 'Stay Strong' by the Newsboys. It's reminded me of where I need to focus my thoughts.

Hugs and blessings,

arlee bird said...

Not able to flush the toilets! Egad--what a nightmare!

I did have some health obstacles a few weeks ago but thank goodness that has passed. Now the biggest thing is organizing my time. Got to structure my life better and prioritize, although it all seems important.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Yes. And all I have to say is bah humbug. :0)

ginny said...

It just might be the time of year. Today I found myself walking in circles. I have so much to do, and I don't know where to begin. God is doing a LOT of refining in me I know for sure. It seems as if when you start to feel like this, something breaks (the well). Hey it happened to us too, only, it was electrical with the well.
Pray on the job situation. It may not be the job for you.
When this time comes around, I think the best thing to do is lose yourself in the Word.
Lifting you in prayer.

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I've been in a pity party for a month now...ugh! There are days where I feel like an ostrich and want to stick my head in the sand!

Hang in there! One thing you can be sure of...that things change...and the sun (Son) does shine!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, my dear. I hope for better, sunnier, more peaceful days for you.

Precious Savior, rescue Terri from this pit of despair, please. Hold her in Your arms and speak your peace to her heart as only you can do, In Jesus' Mighty Name, So be it.

I love you,

Paula said...

Terri, I don't comment much but I have loved following your blog and I'm so sorry you are feeling out of sorts. I have had a few years of struggle, too, and understand so much about just being tired and weary of it all.

Lean in to Him and rest there. He'll take you through it one step at a time and the refining will be worth it.

I promise.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

When my thoughts turn negative (and they often do), I play the thanksgiving game. I list all the blessings in my life: my salvation, family, friends, the privilege of knowing all of you, a roof over my head, food, clothing, transportation, and so many more.

By the time I'm done, I feel much better. For the tough areas: no job, work on the house, etc., I pray. A LOT. And I leave it with the Lord because only He can fix those areas and give me the wisdom I need.

Praying for you, my friend. Better times are coming.

Susan :)

Jan Cline said...

It's sooooo good to see you posting again! We all missed you. Hope your visit with your daughter was good.

I would have to say that right now, I am wrapped up in mentoring and counseling some distraught people and it is taking me away from what I want to be doing, which is getting my WIP ready for a conference pitch. But I know God will make up for lost time for me. And He will for you too. He is continuing to write the story of our lives and we are to help in the process by doing what He calls us to do - however long the season. A new season will come along soon.

Journaling Woman said...

Does God put us in difficult places? Or is that what we say when we feel trapped? Sure he uses bad times to help us grow.

This my take. I think you need to make a plan to be able to leave that job. I've not heard you once say-going to that job is a blessing. I'm not saying - right now- quit. I am saying do what you would counsel your clients to do in the past, make a plan to move on to something else.

In the meantime, one of two things will happen. God WILL open a new door or you will come to like where you are.

T. Anne said...

Oh Teri! Feel better and flush soon! You always bring a smile to my face. =)

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Terri, I am so sorry that you are experiencing the fire. It is an uncomfortable place but remember the fourth man in the fire, you are not alone.
Consider yourself hugged.

AnooCre8ion said...

Going through a big personal storm right now, but I refuse to be downcast. I am speaking His word to myself over and over. Some may think I am crazy when I walk the streets cause I am declaring the Word that He is the lifter of my head, I am declaring that No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly and on and on. I don't care who sees me.
We are not waiting to overcome Terri, we are already overcomers, the key is not to go by our circumstances neither our feeling but by what the word says. So I just want to encourage you to use the word, that's your weapon, your greatest weapon.

blessings and prayers

Lin Floyd said...

sounds like you need to reread the book chicken soul for the soul-count your blessings. you have a husband and water and a house and a job and live in america. and have challenges to grow from. somehow we always have the EXPECTATION that life should be easy not that it is to test our FAITH and HOPE. God is always there to strengthen us through our trials. Sounds like you could some extra prayers....being sent your way, I enjoy your blog-it gives me thoughts to think about.

Nehha said...
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Nehha said...

Yes, but I am sure there is a reason behind everything, somethings we don't know at present but probably understand later when everything falls in place:)

BeckyJoie said...

I'm praying for you, Terri.

sarah said...

awww. I wished you were in a better place. I hate it when His chisle comes out. A friend used to tell me all the time, this too shall does. Stay strong...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

"Life isn't cooperating with me..."

A true statement spoken from the truest place.

Hang on, friend, life will come around again, in good cooperation with fuller understanding.

Love you.


Deborah said...

I hear ya! Yes, I have a situation that has kept us from moving forward for way to long....we just keep waiting on the Lord for direction, a change...anything!!
Hope things get better for you!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I hope you're feeling much better today. That's one wicked virus you've been battling!

As for sticking it out ... I'm think "you bet" you'll someday be glad you did, though probably not until 20/20 hindsight sets in. Too, the very fact that you're willing to be willing, to follow & obey what appears to be God's leading is, in itself, huge. The job may never reveal anything particularly profound, but HE WILL!

You go, girl!

Nancy said...

My life doesn't always seem to work lately either. I just have to trust God that He's working on a big surprise, a good one. Thanks for your story. It's good to know how things are going with friends.

Kathryn Magendie said...

First sending you a big arse HUG!!!!!! I remember the soul-sucking days of working in offices where I thought I'd just run out screaming or worse where I just felt nothing but gray and black and awful empty.

As for things preventing me - sometimes I let the anxiety of all I have to do, the responsibilities I feel, to overwhelm me.... will the next two novels out this year be good enough? will I disappoint readers myself my family my friends, will I be able to keep up with my R&T editor responsibilities to the fullest, what about the new freelance writing job I just took on in a fit of impulse... etc etc etc! I have to get a handle on all of it or it consumes. But, I do feel very lucky to be alive and to have dreams coming true.

Another HUG for you.

Yolanda said...


I honestly think that if we would all be real, that we each of something, tucked away in our minds/spirit' life, that causes us to stumble or pause instead of going full steam ahead.

Living life with you,

Linda Glaz said...

Oh, yes. And I don't have a clue what God is trying to teach me about. Not a clue!!!!

Heckety said...

Is it 'the doldrums' or the 'Slough of Despond'? Maybe if you've a half hour skip through Pilgrim's Progress, that always cheers me on a bit, I don't know whether its putting a face and a name to the place I'm at which helps or what. It might work for you too?

Nishant said...

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