Friday, December 13, 2013

Have you planned how to market your book?

I don't have a clue when my book will be released but I know one thing. I don't want it to be lost in  the thousands and thousands of books that come out.

We all hope our book will sell but realistically I know that if it is to sell, I have to do most of the work.

I've watched many friends market their first book and I've wondered what I would try. What did they do that made me want to buy their book or at least remember the name of it? What annoyed me and what surprised me? What one market ploy did they do that stood above all the rest?

When I opened my bookstore eons ago,  I read every book on guerilla marketing. I wanted everyone in town to come to my store and purchase our goods. Some of my tactics worked--some flopped.

I expect the same will happen with my book marketing. Already I've had people offer to host a blog tour for me and another person offered to host a booksigning in their store.

Will  these methods really make a difference? Or will the difference come from the contacts I've  made over the years?

When I've bought books it's usually because I know the author already. I like who they are and want to support them. But what about the people out there who don't know me? Do they really want to read what came out of my head?

Writing the book was easy. The job of getting a reader to read it is much harder. I have my work ahead of me.

I would love to hear what marketing methods annoy or delight you!


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

I think word of mouth is the best. If you can gather some serious readers around you who love the book, they can be of great help to spread the word. It is kind of hard to praise your own work... Yes, sure, every author LOVES the book the penned, but to have readers who enjoyed it, that's another story.
Well, good luck with your book launch!

Carol Riggs said...

I agree that word of mouth will sell the most. If it's a good book--and frankly, if it has a catchy cover--then that will help immensely. Just don't constantly plug a book on Twitter or Facebook. The same people see it over and over and start tuning you out (or getting irked). That's what's annoying, and what I'll try to avoid doing once I ever get a book out.

Carol Garvin said...

It's interesting that I've just come from reading a post of Jody Hedlund's from earlier in the week, and her topic was on the help one might get from who they know rather than just what they know.

When complete strangers approach me online or via e-mail asking me to buy and/or review their books, or when there are constant tweets reminding me that their book(s) are fabulous and I should pick up a copy... those things irritate me. They make me feel they aren't interested in me as a person but only as a potential marketing tool.

I do respond positively to tweets and posts from those with whom I have a long-established online relationship... the kind that are humble and friendly... even when they hint at the desire for marketing help. ;)

Blog tours and reviews on friends' blogs tend to influence me the most. I trust them more, plus I like to support cyberfriends.

Karen Lange said...

Word of mouth has to be one of the oldest and best ways to market, I'm thinking. I agree, I think writing the book is easier than marketing! Still working on my marketing plan for the big picture. We learn so much as we go, don't we? :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I really love a good book trailer. I'm not sure how effective mine are, but I had full, hands on creative input.

Personal contacts is a good way to go. You've made a ton over the years, and I'm one of your fans. I'll be happy to help in any way I can.


Deb Shucka said...

I don't have anything to offer here but gratitude that you're sharing your journey. And prayers that your book receive the audience and success it deserves. I continue to be so happy for you.

Cheryl Klarich said...

My prayers are with you, also!