Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Changing the way we look at life

I've lived many places in my thirty-six years of marriage. Today I call Bonita Springs, Florida home--a gift from God.

When we started building last spring, we never dreamed we wouldn't finish by this year. I had hopes of seeing my cabinets completed and inviting my first guests over for dinner. I saw myself planting a garden this spring and painting my porch furniture to match my front door.

Today this street view is what greets me every morning. It's nothing like the two acres we own in a small town in Pennyslvania. They call this development resort style living. People ride bikes and jog and swim in the two pools or work out in the fitness center that overlooks one of many lakes. Every day at two, I walk across six bridges to the town center post office to check for mail. If I want I can get my hair cut, my toes painted, pump gas, plan a vacation, do banking or dine in one of their many ammenities.

It's different. But then I knew different would come with this territory when we made the jump. Different will face me many more times as I find a new church, a new doctor, a new stylist and new friends. Being open to different will help.

Being open to what God wants from me will help too.

You know that feeling when you wonder what God is doing with your life? I'm there. I've always been a homebody type of person. I like stability. I thrive on it. For some reason, that part of me needs to go away because change seems to be the norm now.

Who knows when we might move again?

So I'm riding a  twenty-year-old bike, working out in the gym, saying hello to new neighbors and driving around unfamiliar territory in search of a great thrift store.

I'm opening my heart to the change in my life. Are you?


Cindy R. Wilson said...

It's been wonderful and heartening to hear all that God has done in your life over the last several months. I'm trying to be open to it in my own life. Sometimes change broadsides you, though, and it takes a while to catch up. I'm getting there. I think.

Carmen said...

This post has such a different feel. I can really tell you're looking at life differently. It's freeing, I'll bet. I think it all sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

yes, I know this feeling. God is always up to something. I'm always in a season of change. We've lived here nine months. Finally starting to feel like home. Ease into it, friend. God is with you.


Carol Riggs said...

Definitely. We never know when our lives will change, from one moment to the next. We think it's so stable and suddenly it's not. Kudos and hugs to you as you scout around for new places!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

Life has been full of changes the last 10 years for me as well. I've learned that stability is not a place but rather a relationship - with the Lord. He never changes and is truly my Rock.

May He bless you as you start this new chapter.

Susan :)


Sounds like you are in a great place and ready for the changes that are coming your way.
May God bless you this coming year.

Lin Floyd said...

when you let go of expectations, possibilities can enter...

Susan said...

Hi Terri...
I'm in agreement with Susan Reinhardt when it comes to change.

I've learned that change is a regular part of life and I can fight it or adjust to it.

As for Almighty God, He's the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. I love to embrace Him and stay close to Him where I am safe and sound. Susan

Kenda Turner said...

Changes coming up for me are nowhere near what you've experienced, but they are just big enough to make me question my reactions to them. I'm thankful that God is helping me look a little deeper at my motives and desires--and priorities :-) Wishing you the best in your new place!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

The words you said, 'Being open to different will help,' is something I totally relate to. I think it's probably the secret to life. My oldest is heading to university, youngest high school. Changes. Things will be different. But different can be good. Wishing you an amazing time as you settle into this place and new phase in your life.

Retired English Teacher said...

While I've followed this journey of FB, it is good to read this post. You have said so much here about your openness. I hope that this unplanned change is something you will look back on as one of the great times in your life. I admire your courage, and your openness.

Terri, our lives just never seem to go as we planned. Life is so full of changes that many of us just don't want. We had such a great sermon on this today. God just keep asking us if we trust Him. I cried through most of the service today. Yesterday brought family news that devastated me. Yet, I know God is sovereign and He is loving, and He does have a plan for us. Thanks for your beautiful post.

Cheryl Klarich said...

You have a vintage bike??? I'm so jealous!!! ;)

May God bless you and continue to wrap His arms around you!