Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Much Do You Want It?

Every year we make resolutions. Or goals. Whatever you want to call them. I've decided to ride my bike more often--get back in shape. Eat healthier.

But two months ago, when I landed an agent--I also decided I must increase my online presence if I wanted to also land a great publisher. It's a task I've been avoiding ever since I started to write for publication. Oh, I love blog followers and I dabble on Twitter but I was one of those writers who often said that I didn't want publication that bad if I had to increase my numbers.

I still don't like checking stats. But in two months, I've added several hundred real people who are writers and readers to my Twitter account. Not by paying someone to do it for me. Not by taking on everyone.

But by writing meaningful content in that little tiny space.

I actually enjoy reading my Twitter feed now. I enjoy seeing what others with common interests are saying. I also understand it's my obligation to give them something in return--not just advertisements of my upcoming releases.

Will this increased effort provide me more opportunity in the future with publishing houses? Honestly, I still believe writing a great book is the best way to get published. Yes, I wish I didn't have to do any of my own marketing but that's the reality today. If I want to be part of that publishing machine, then that means accepting the reality  that I must get known as well.

How much do I want it? Enough to give my 100%. Do you?


Retired English Teacher said...

Thanks for your insight. I used to use Twitter when I was working. Maybe I will using it again.

Susan said...

Hello Terri....The years I spent Christmases away from my family of origin were heartbreaking for me.

Still, I tried my best to always create a lovely Christmas season for my hubs and kids.

Now the kids are all grown up with families of their own. Hubs and I returned to the east (where I wanted to be in the first place) and all is well.

The Lord knows what He is doing and sometimes we just have to keep pedaling.

A blessed and successful writing year to you! Susan