Monday, February 16, 2015

The Reality of a Book Release

The big day arrives. The day you've waited your entire life to arrive. The countdown is over. You've sent out blog posts, made an author page on Amazon, and told everyone you can tell. Book Release.

I spent The Mulligan's release on Feb. 6th at Disney with my grandchildren checking my phone and Facebook between rides. Anticipation ran through my veins as I waited for one reader to tell me she had purchased my book and loved it.

I hadn't received my books yet so when they arrived a few days later, opening the box felt very anti-climatic. Thankfully, I was surrounded by my daughter and family so her excitement bubbled into mine.

Next the articles I'd written went live. I hoped again someone might like my book. A few good friends emailed me they had read it and posted reviews on Amazon. A few more days passed. I placed a book in our community library. I also drew winners for my giveaway. I checked Amazon too many times and discovered they no longer carried the paperback version.

A little over a week later, I had garnered five reviews--some from strangers. One very good one from a stranger. A bit of my anxiety lessened.

In a frenzy to keep sales moving, I posted pictures from where my inspiration came from. I noted Amazon finally had a sample read on the website. I tweeted and posted. Prayed I wasn't annoying everyone.

I wished too I knew how many books I'd actually sold but Amazon wasn't telling me yet and my publisher information wasn't available. I prayed for 500 and then thought I was being greedy. I told myself I would settle for less--just let a few people love it.

And then Monday came.

It was time to pull out my current WIP and write again.

It felt like eating spinach after a dish of chocolate ice cream.

So this is what it's like to birth a book. It's out there in the world and all I can do is point to it and smile hoping someone will agree that my baby is beautiful.

Then I can go back to mopping my floors, packing my husband's lunch and finishing the next book to someday do it all over again.


Karen Lange said...

It's a wild ride, isn't it? So many ups and downs, but it is fun. So excited for you. Wishing you all the best! :)

Sally Chambers said...

Love that adorable little guy you photoed, Terri!
It's fun keeping up with how things are going for you and your new book.

Linda Glaz said...


Lynda R Young said...

It's such a whirl, isn't it?! I'm so happy for you, Terri.

Ann Best said...

I've been off blogging for a while, but now back I find you have published what looks like a wonderful. Congratulations! I'm off now to view it on Amazon. Cheers, Ann

Cindy in PA said...

Congratulations! I've purchased the book and am taking it on our warm trip in March!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

It felt like eating spinach after a dish of chocolate ice cream. I just love this sentence. I so get it and I remember when my first book came out in 2009. Hard to believe it's been 5 years. It's a definite journey and like birthing a child. Excited for you Terri. Really excited.

Lynn said...

Yes, life goes on! But publishing your first book is a life experience you now have that you didn't have before! Congratulations! Is it on yet?