Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winterheart Release

My third novel releases on Valentine's Day! I'm excited about WINTERHEART because the story is close to my heart--I was a Penny years ago--struggling to survive and wondering how to make my life richer and more fulfilled. It's my first romance/women's fiction but still contains a little suspense. Can't get away from that. We all enjoy a little what ifs in a book. I hope you will enjoy this new release and leave me a short line or two on Amazon after you read it sharing your feelings.


Becky L. said...

Congrats on the release of your latest book. A book needs suspense or it would a bit boring! Hope it gets many readers! Blessings and happy Valentine's day too!

Cathy said...

Yay, Terri! I've pre-ordered it and look forward to reading it.

Sally Wessely said...

Congratulations, Terri!

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