Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who's counting?

3o, ooo and more for anyone who is counting! I have gone back and started doing some editing before I finished - not sure if that is advisable but it works for me. Biggest struggle I have had is finding the voice of my main character- I don't want her snotty, or too bold, or too shy or too sweet...somewhere in between.

I've picked up a few more writing friends as time has passed and from the conference. I love to hear how everyone is progressing in this process to get what we need to say out there or better yet - what God needs us to write.

Spoke with my mother this am, actually, I call everyday. It worries me that I'm not there to mop her floors and shop for her food and a dozen other chores while she recovers. Times like this make you appreciate the people around you and the need to offer help where it is needed. I have a sister there - she works and organizes her life like a spreadsheet so she has little time to assist. Has been said my mother might get too dependent on her - Doubt it!

We go on vacation to Palm Springs a month from today. I cannot wait! Our first real FUN vacation in awhile. The new regulations for flying are discouraging though but necessary I know. I always do carry-on...not anymore. Guess I'll bring extra underwear in my backpack!

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