Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Working at Home

26,000 words and counting...I'm trying to complete a book I started seven years ago. I love it when I hit a scene and I'm there and the words pour out. The characters come to life in my head and I see every movement in their hands, their faces...then I hit a wall and I have to walk away until the next segment in the story comes to life in my head again.

I was working right along today and the phone rings. My daughter. I discuss her grocery trip, hang up, settle in my chair and the phone rings again. A solicitator who refuses to be called one asks for money. I brush her off and sit down again and my husband rings through checking on our gym date. My stomach growls and I realize it is lunch time - then I have to call my mom to see if she is feeling better today. 400 words. I shut the computer down. The moment is lost.

Why is it if you work at home most people think you are there for them while they are out in the world working too?

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Val said...

This is so true! It happens all the time here at home. Terri! I had no idea you were so far along on your manuscript! I'm so proud of you. I'll be doing the same after all this hub bub is over with the house. Isn't it wonderful when you feel an entire novel coming on? I feel it and it's hard holding it all back. I'll be praying for you, wow ! Is this the same one that I read a while back. It was so good!

Love, Val