Thursday, September 07, 2006

One year ago

A lot can happen in a year. When I first started writing, I felt bold,(bolder than I do now) so I sent a few stories to this new paper in town suggesting that they have some stories published in it similar to the ones I wrote. I heard nothing and decided that 1.) the editor did not see a good thing when it was right there in her face 2.) my story just didn't fit what she needed for then or 3.) she somehow knew me and hated me and just couldn't wait to reject me.

None of these scenerios was true. Today I had a message on my answering machine from this editor to call. I scrambled to remember what I had even sent her - being those were the days I hadn't yet considered the possibility of keeping records of my submissions.

I called her back. She apologized for finding my two stories on the bottom of some other work but she could now quite possibly use one of my stories for a soon to be published issue. I was excited of course. She also asked me to keep in touch with her because she implied there may be a future need for inspirational pieces as well.

This call taught me a valuable lesson - besides keep good records. I need to remember that a rejection is not necessarily a rejection. But mostly that God has it all planned and under control. This woman also shared with me that she was a Christian. Perhaps if I had been offered this opportunity last year as a really really new writer - I would not be as well prepared as I am more now.

God is certainly good.

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