Monday, October 23, 2006

Broken Basking

I was doing what every writer likes to do - take a much deserved break and lay out on the lounge on the patio with the newpaper, the latest AAA magazine and Budget Travel spread out around me. Of course, the sun has to be heating up my legs. It was. Then the unexpected visitor broke my peaceful reverie.

My husband never believes me that the black snake that lives behind our home is long...longer than he thinks. I had close up proof today as I laid there stretched out in my SCREENED in patio. I glanced to my right. It glanced back at me from a mere six inches. I never reached the door faster. I grabbed my camera after slamming the door and peered back at my once little oasis- now in ruin. The snake was enjoying full reign on my porch. I snappped a few pictures and can't wait to show my bragging rights tonight at dinner.

The hoe helped me get the intruder back to the wild where he belongs. I would have preferred to have ended his jaunt right then and there but a voice (my husband's) echoed in my brain somewhere that these snakes eat lizards. Since there are more lizards on my back patio than snakes...he was destined to live another day.

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