Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moving Forward

Last week was pretty eventful for me as a writer. I try to remember I am moving forward especially in the weeks when I feel nothing is happening. I was involved in a conference call with people from nine countries. That alone was awesome. I heard voices of authors I know only through e-mail. The book coming out by Christmas is called Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracles and will be a compilation of stories by many ladies and one man. I pray that it will touch people everywhere. My story in it is called One Foot Forward. It is the story about the time God reached out to me through a single card, arriving in my mailbox at the perfect time when I was scheduled for three breast biopsies.

Last Monday, I got an email saying that a major publisher was interested in a story I sent in. I about fell over - and I pray that they will use it in the final cut. If they don't- yes, I'll be disappointed - but I am thankful someone saw merit in one of my stories. That alone gives me hope.

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