Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One More Step

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is here and gone! But I accomplished another step with my book. I took the CD to Kinkos and had them print and bind two copies. One copy I mailed to my daughter to edit and the other is packed in my backpack for my trip west to edit.
My goal is to complete an outline by January 15th and submit places by Jan. 30. I find if I give myself a deadline - I invaribly make it.

I am currently working on a Christmas story for a book next year - if it gets accepted. The chances are always slim but nothing ventured nothing gained. The exciting reward of writing is with a click of my email - I could have a new surprise.

Today I saw the edit of my story in the book due out soon called Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracles by Lorna Owen. There were some changes but overall I can live with the edits. I have learned that an editor usually is pretty good at what they do. Unless they totally trash it - or change the meaning - I go with it.

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