Monday, November 06, 2006


I opened my mailbox today to find a check from a publisher I sent a story to back in August. Now it wasn't a whole lot, but even if it was only $1, it is still an encouragement.

It seems as though whenever I get discouraged, God gives me a gentle nudge to keep on writing. Yes, I have my growing list of rejections, but it is a wonderful feeling when I get to add to my list of acceptances~

So if you get Brave Hearts magazine this quarter, look for my story about a tornado in it. My in- laws lived through the loss and devastation of coming home and finding their farmhouse torn apart in minutes. Worse than the damage to the house was the loss of many huge trees that had been planted during the Civil War. Each time we visit, it is a joy to see the new trees slowly take their part in history.

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