Monday, November 13, 2006

Dog Faced Dawson

I was pleasantly surprised this past week again to learn my story about my third grade teacher was accepted in a Faithwriters' book to come out this spring. What was unexpected and strange was the story I wrote was about a very embarrassing moment in my life - wetting my pants in class. Ugh! I feared telling that story for decades. The moment I did - I found that so many other people related to having similar experiences during their school years.

I would love to hear your experiences during those precious school aged years. My husband shared a story where a little girl in his class was always throwing up. One day she had a particularily bad time of it. The teacher struggled to help her but the smell was so bad - three more children threw up too! My husband was one of them:)

We just returned from a weekend away to beautiful Tallahasse - and our first Florida State game. We stayed in Thomasville, Georgia - a quant town with lots of history!

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