Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Once again, it is exciting to have a new year upon us. Makes me eager to know what the Lord will do in my life this year and in the lives of those I care about around me. 2006 was an eventful year - filled with many ups and downs. I lost some important people in my life... whether from illness, injury, marriage or moves. But God was faithful and introduced many new people into my life as well as revived old friendships.

My writing opportunities took off in 2006. I was excited to see my first story in Come Away with Me, a book by Faithwriters. Purpose paid me my first check and Crosstimes published several of my articles. Haruah picked up my story Two Words and Penned from the Heart carried a devotional of mine this fall. I won the Women of Passions Christmas story contest and was so surprised about that this year. A few of my more personal stories were published with Maggie Mae magazine out of Orlando but I think my biggest surprise this year was a letter from Chicken Soup telling me I was in the finals for a book --- when and if I get selected for the final cut - now that would be my wish this year.

I also was asked to edit a Christian Military book in the fall of 2006 and I await the soon to be released book Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle book due out this month and see my story about my bout with Breast Cancer biopsies in printand to be able to share with others God's faithfulness.

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