Thursday, April 05, 2007


I sent a story out to an editor yesterday morning - a true story of a Christmas spent with family. By nine o'clock last night, she had replied - a personal response - not the canned variety that I have become accustomed to. You know the kind, Thank you for your submission, we will review your story and let you know six months from now.

This editor had read the story and then shared with me a similar experience in her life. She also told me she broke into tears at one part of my story... this floored me. I may not get included in this anthology, but the fact that my story touched someone like that is enough. That's why I write. So her kind note encouraged me to keep on - even if my mailbox received a ton of rejections last month (well - a few - I didn't sent that many out:)) One never knows what God has in mind - we just have to keep being faithful at what we do for Him.

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