Friday, May 18, 2007

Plodding On

Being a writer requires self discipline. The phone rings - the TV calls - the laundry groans as I walk past. But IF I discipline myself and write when I should and send out submissions like I need to - sonetimes it pays off with hope. Hope that I am doing what the Lord would want me to do.
I received an email only yesterday saying they had accepted a submission for a Sunday School paper I had sent out months ago. I was happy my story Room 202 would be read by more than me and perhaps would minister and encourage someone to share their faith in the workplace.

An update arrived about Secure the Fort(And Remain Under God) A Military Mother's Message to America. The book is due out in print this June. I am really blessed to have been part of the making of this nonfiction book as I know it will speak to the hearts of many. My husband and I spent a few rough year serving in the military but ultimately grew from our time in there thanks to someone who dared to pass on what they believed about Christ.

So my stomach is growling and my dust is piling up - but I know I need to write and submit today ...

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