Thursday, May 24, 2007


I took a tiny peek today at the letter I sent to a Publishing house about my first Romance book - yes - just as I thought - 4 months today. Hmmmm...

So I took another peek - this time in my newest Christian Writer's Market by faithful Sally Stewart. I found the listing and ran my finger down the paragraphs. Three to Six months.

So should I breathe better now because I have yet to get my rejection letter? Or should I hope that maybe they might like what I wrote - or maybe they are so overburdened they haven't even gotten that far yet - mine lays squashed between a zillion other hopeful romantics...praying their story will stick out.

I took another peek...this time at my first chapter. Always cynical, I squirmed at a few word choices. How did I ever think that phrase expressed what I wanted it to? Was I on chocolate that day or what???

So I put my peeks back and LOOKED at my devotion today. Ye have not because ye haven't asked... (my version) and I tell myself to patient and know that somewhere there is a market for your book - even if it is in your bottom desk drawer. Then I moved on to my next book that happily sits halfway done!

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