Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've been really pleased with the Writers Group I now attend where I live. With a diverse set of people and various writing styles - the feedback I receive is invaluable. Plus we alert each other about markets and upcoming conferences.

What is difficult for me is when I have to read my story aloud. Ugh...something I have never mastered in my entire life - speaking in front of people. What makes it worse is I wrote the material and I know they are listening to give me a critique. So very personal and my goal is to be able to get through a 750 word article without my voice shaking, breathing without fainting and not racing through it so no one has to shout 'Slow down!"

One man asked me last week why I read so fast. "To get it over!"

So this group will not only help my writing improve, but help me become a speaker...maybe. The two professions go hand in hand so I look forward to the day I don't have to hide behind my characters and can read with confidence.

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Kathie said...

Thanks for popping my blog at Tiffany.

Like you I have a Writer's Group I belong to - they meet fortnightly at my home and the group are really still getting to know each other, we're about 3 months young, but it's been great!