Friday, August 03, 2007

What happened to the News?

Another disaster - the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Across America, millions of viewers glue themselves to the TV or Internet for updates on the catastrophe. Include me in that category. But this time - I find myself more cynical than before. By the second broadcast - the headlines look like the title of a movie - including sound bites that faintly remind me of music from "Gone from the Wind." If I watch long enough, by day two, I will have learned about every bridge disaster in recorded history, gained intimate knowledge about every local bridge in my state, met everyone in the entire country who remotely knew anyone who ever crossed the bridge, gained new bridge vocabulary and finally- if I didn't have a bridge phobia - I now know there is such a thing!
What happened to reporting the news and not turning it into the next Movie of the Week? I'm sure every reporter and anchor person has already packed their suitcases and caught the next flight to Minnesota. For the next week - we will see familiar faces from the 6:30 news posing in front of broken concrete and interviewing victims and their families who might wish to pull themselves through this awful time in their lives without all of America watching each emotion.
I am saddened when a disaster befalls our country. I chastise myself that my first reaction is toamake my tea and settle in front of the TV for live updates. My first reaction should be to gather my Bible, get on my knees and pray for the many lives hurt and lost. Will you join me?

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