Monday, July 02, 2007

A Second Helping

I have days where I decide that writing is not my thing - where I wait eagerly for the email to come that says my submission has been accepted. Some days - it is a futile waste - I would better spend my time cleaning the toilet. At church yesterday, I finally told the Lord that I was getting tired of waiting and again I whined that I must write horribly because it was the end of the month and I hadn't heard from an editor.

Than...I clicked one more time on my email and there was a surprise. My story for another Chicken Soup book is being considered - it will be a long wait to see if it makes the final cut - but it is in the running. I was thrilled. The story is one that would mean a great deal to me (and my husband) to be in print - one that hopefully will touch many others as it did me.

So I ride my high today but I know what lurks ahead - those stupid dark days where I doubt my passion to write and doubt what anyone says about it. So maybe I will look back to this day and once again remember this feeling - thank you Lord!

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