Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Session

Again I find that being on vacation causes writing challenges. We spent six days touring northern California to Salem, Oregon where we surprised my pregnant daughter at her baby shower. The look on her face when she rushed into our waiting arms was priceless. After the second day of travelling, I found time took on new meaning - the restraints we live by were lacking and we felt as though every moment was a gift. How a person survives without a vacation now and then is hard to understand.
What has happened though is my ability to jump back into my novel has slowed down. I read an article yesterday about a man who spent half his life goal planning everything out and found he never enjoyed the now - is that what I do? If I feel like writing a short story, there should be no guilt that my book takes back stage.
I waited with a friend today while she had first time in that situation. We live our lives totally unaware sometimes of the lives others are forced to endure. We choose to help or we choose to turn away because it is so painful and because it could be us someday. This woman is a brave person still coming to terms with the life she has been forced to live if she is to live. We both shook our heads as we left the recliner chairs and IV drip to wonder how she arrived there. Thankfully, God knows and will see her through.

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