Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baby Blues

My writing has taken a back seat this week because I'm doing what every soon to be grandma does ...I'm waiting. Unfortunately I'm not doing it at my daughter's side - she's in Washington - I'm in Florida. Her mother-in-law and husband enjoy that privilege. Today is supposed to be our grandson's birthday. The doctor ordered my daughter to be induced but it seems she is low on the list of priorities because of a long list of other new mothers. So we wait.

When I awoke this morning and realized another part of me would soon appear on this earth - I was startled at the depth of my emotions. My daughter, who I always cared for, would soon understand the love I have showered on her for twenty three years. I'll also have a new role - that of grandma - and hopefully one I will grasp with energy and determination. I want to be the person my grandchild knows he can always call upon ... no matter what the situtuation. He'll always discover a fresh dose of love in my arms.

But now we wait...and pray.

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