Thursday, September 06, 2007

I remember

...the eyes that stare deep into your soul when you are rocking together at 2am...the sound of soft cooing as the milk warms his throat...the feeling of motherhood...and the joy of a new human life. My grandson.
I've been sequestered here in babyland for two weeks. Part of me can't wait to return to my real life of quiet nights and my own bed - but part of me cries at the thought of parting with this precious new life and not knowing when I will see him again. Will he know me then as he seems to now?
My husband and my life has changed more than we ever knew possible this past week. Our lives will be on a different path when I return home but for now - I nestle in the softness of formula and pacifiers and a tiny being who searches my voice at three weeks.

God knows the plans for my life. He knows my desire to watch this boy grown into a Godly man. He also knows I'll follow Him to wherever he plans to put us.

As to writing - a good few weeks - several more stores accepted and two more to Chicken Soup. Still waiting on another book but God is good and knows where and how I will tell my stories of his gift of treasured moments.

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