Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Second Chance

A month ago, I sent an email out to the publisher where I had submitted my first romance book in January. Not wanting to be a pest, I politely asked about the status of my submission and if they in fact had even received it.

Yesterday, an editor replied and said she never got it and if I would like - to resubmit at her email. So God gave me a second chance - which coincidentally is the name of my book. Do I think they will accept it? Probably not - I am not my best at romance fiction but I felt compelled to complete this book with the best I could give and send it in. I am beginning to think my gift for writing lies in nonfiction...but only God knows why I needed to do this.

Tomorrow I attend my writer's group again after missing some while playing grandma. It feels great to get back on track with my writing. I plan to read a story I have ready to submit to Chicken Soup again. I also have a few other stories in the work that I pick up every few days and add to.

Second chances don't come often - I pray this one makes a difference.

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