Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going HOME!

We got the word today...we can go home. But first we are detouring through Greenville for a day or so. But then - look out - it's a downward slide to Florida. For six weeks, we've lived in this hotel room. You know you've been in a hotel too long when the highlight of your stay is applauding when the maintenance crew finally vacuums the carpet to the side exit.

I can't say this experience hasn't been worth it - because it has. As to writing, I finally got back into my novel and feel I'm making real progress again. Now to continue the momentum when we get home. I've also learned picking something out to wear is not the most important choice of my day. Having brought only a minute selection of my wardrobe, let's say it's amazing how many days jeans last without a washing.

We have a new journey ahead of us but really, isn't every new day no matter whether you are resting in a cozy home or driving back and forth to a job you love. We don't know what the future holds but I'm thankful God does.

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