Saturday, February 02, 2008

Contests and Catch-ups

Last week flew by - but not with writing adventures. Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. (I've heard that somewhere.) But in the past two days, I finally shut my office door and attacked all the piles waiting for me.

I picked and printed out my stories for a local writers'c contest. I did my homework for my editing course. I emailed long-lost writer friends. I sorted and created new goals...but I know they will be put on hold because of life again.

My daughter is coming home for a visit after almost two years of living on the other side of the country. The last time she saw her bedroom was the day she shed her wedding gown and slipped out the door on the arm of her new husband.

I've cried already because I know the visit will fly by like the hours at a birthday party, rich and wonderful but not long enough.

So my writing will take a back seat but... oh will I have some stories to share afterwards.

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